Tekno And Danfo Drivers Settle Rancor

Tekno And Danfo Drivers

Tekno And Danfo Drivers

Tekno And Danfo Drivers

New broke yesterday the the old duo called Danfo drivers consisting of Mad Melon and Mountain Black gave Tekno an unexpected jab, claiming he had to ask them before he sampling their music, well, the own the slang, Kpolongo, and  if my memory serves me right but it looked a lot like a publicity stunt to be.

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While they were bashing him on social Media, it seem Tekno was already making plans to meet them.

Right now as we have it, they all are in good terms. Danfo Drivers have withdrawn their threats made earlier at The Headies red-carpet as Tekno has done the needful.

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Tekno has announced the video to “Jogodo” will drop on May 11, so no cause for alarm anymore.


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