Falz – The Fela Of Our Time


I wanted to write a review of the video for Child of the world by Falz real name – Folarin Falana, while jotting my points my thoughts went through a whole new dimension and I decided to pen this.

I know comparing anyone with Fela often sounds ludicrous. The fame, the power, the utter gut, the music, the lifestyle, extreme polygamy(if the rumour of marrying 27 of his dancers in one day were to be true), the list is endless. Fela is Fela. The Undisputed. Despite all the eulogy one thing stands out as the factor that really made Fela a legend in Nigeria – the message he preaches through his music.

The messages in his song makes him the activist we know – ITT (International Thief thief) among many of his songs showed extreme gut. The point remains the message through his songs.

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In the world we live in right now. Things are more contemporary and practically no one even the great Fela would probably result into some of the seemingly extreme methods, he used , today. the world has changed a lot.

This change has also affected music a lot. Most artists even those with lyrical content tend to sing mostly if not only about love and success – how you should not give up on being successful. This is much needed too as we need a lot of motivation to survive this age of oppression.

But standing out is a young barrister who left the comfort of his popular dad to give us sweet music.

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Falz himself has taken to the comics and mundanes of music but it was all part of the process. Even Fela sang “Wetin be your yansh – Open and Close”. Falz has distinguished him lately especially since his release of his video – This is Nigeria.

In the Nigeria of today, no one criticizes the government, as the government is a source of sure money and what we have instead is a lot of artistes sing praises of some political post holders. Even Sound Sultan the last known music activist recently joined the bandwagon and pictured in a ‘lobby pose’. This is the Nigeria of today.

Would Fela have done anything different – Yes! What would Fela have done? – Most probably constructively criticize the government. Who is doing that at the moment? – Falz. Simple!

In Falz’ This is Nigeria, he addressed several sensitive topics facing the country, like the chibok girls, money disappearing, things that no artiste will never bother to discuss, they make bulk of their money from the government and those surrounding it so why will they criticize the same government but a man chose to buck the trend.

In his latest video, Child of the world – Falz again addresses some extremely important vice in the society that only few are talking about – Rape or carnal knowledge as some might consider it. As common as this is, we remain blind to the consequences. Falz in just above 3 mins explicitly explained what the life of a victim can turn out to be.

If these acts does not liken him to Fela – what does?

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Falz is fast becoming a modern day legend. Though money might not follow this path as such, greatness beyond imagination will follow. Crucial messages is being passed in a way that the teenagers and youths of today understands very well and through the medium they are much inclined to.

Thank you Falz for being a blessing to this generation.

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