Davido and Drake Cooking Up A Collaboration

Davido and Drake

Davido and Drake

International collaborations are the in thing in Nigeria at the moment and believe me, the two biggest players are Wizkid and Davido.

Davido and Drake pictures filtered off the internet few days ago after they met for the first time, people like me read no big meaning to it but i was wrong.

Recent report indicates that Davido said this at the concert where he met Drake; “I have plans to do a collabo with Drake,” the ‘Aye’ singer said. “I like his kind of music. It’s going to be the bomb! Something my fans would appreciate. We are already working on that.

It is also worth saying that Wizkid is also making a hit with popular Drake’s producer, Metro Boomin.

Davido and Drake romance started a while ago when Drake was caught on video dancing to Davido’s hit track Aye. Here is the video:



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